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Why is the brewbee Plant-based range so important?

The United Nations projects that the global population will reach almost ten billion by 2050. It is estimated that around 265 million tonnes of additional protein will be required to feed all those people. Basically, we need to start making use of other sources of protein alongside meat if we’re going to be able to meet the demand.

We can’t ignore brewer's spent grain in our search for alternative sources of protein

Spent grain contains plenty of protein along with other nutritious content like fibre. That’s why we make the most of our spent grain and use it to create sustainable products like the ones in our new brewbee Plant-based range.

What  are  our  brewbee
Plant-based  products made of?

What  are  our  brewbee  Plant-based  products made of?

Using spent grain, lentil protein and wheat protein, we produce what is called an extrudate, which needs to be stored in cool and dry conditions. We have two varieties available – ground (“brewbee Ghackets”) and strips (“brewbee Gschnetzlets”).

What  exactly  is
an  extrudate ?

With the help of an extruder, a substance high in plant-based protein is shaped using high temperatures, pressure and a nozzle. The products left at the end of this process are called extrudates. They are cut to shape and preserved by drying.



brewbee Plant-based extrudates need to be soaked for around 5 minutes at an extrudate to liquid ratio of 1:3. We recommend using vegetable stock for this soaking step. Next, drain the extrudates in a sieve (press gently), brown, use in a recipe and enjoy.


Since our extrudates absorb the flavour of the liquid you soak them in, you can introduce different flavours to the vegetarian food you serve.

Soak for 5 minutes

Brown and prepare for 5 minutes


Serves 4

A tasty family favourite, our plant-based bolognese is impossible to resist.

Creamy stir-fry

Serves 4

You can’t go wrong with a creamy stir-fry. Just follow the simple steps in our recipe to create a delicious dish.

Hoisin stir fry

Serves 4

Treat your tastebuds to some Asian flavours. The trusted spice combinations in our recipe won’t let you down.



brewbee auf SRF: Vor Kurzem hatten unser Ghackets und Gschnetzlets einen Gastauftritt in der Sendung «À point - Wissen aus der Küche auf den Punkt gebracht». Wer den Podcast nachhören oder das Rezept für Biertreber-Brötli nachbachen will, findet die Links dazu in unserer Bio.

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Perfekt für Bolognese, Hamburger, Hackbraten und vieles mehr: unser brewbee Ghackets. Hergestellt aus Nebenprodukten der Bierproduktion und 100 % vegan wird es auch dich begeistern. Und falls du noch nach Inspirationen suchst, findest du in unserer Bio nicht nur den Link zu Shop, sondern auch zu einigen Rezeptvorschlägen.

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brewbee Kennerinnen und Kenner haben sie sicher bereits entdeckt, unsere neuste Innovation. Allen anderen stellen wir voller Freude unsere brewbee Ghackets und brewbee Gschnetzlets vor 🎉. Unsere super leckere, super proteinreiche plant-based Linie auf Basis von Treber, Linsen- und Weizenprotein wird auch dich begeistern. Ab sofort im Shop erhältlich (Link in der Bio).

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Where can I find brewbee?

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