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You know what they say – a company is only as good as its team. Well, we don’t just say that here at brewbee. We truly believe it. Our employees put their heart and soul into experimenting and developing our products. By rejecting anything they aren’t fully satisfied with, they know they can be proud of the delicious and sustainable results they achieve. Meet our team.

Innovation and production

Our experienced food specialists all have a lot in common – a background in the food industry and a genuine passion for food. They develop our delectable premium brewbee products, never stopping until they’re happy that what they’ve created is absolutely irresistible.

Yves Habermacher
Trained Baker and Confectioner, Leadership Specialist
Johannes Lenz
Chef recognised multiple times by Gault Millau
Simon Haas
Trained Baker and Confectioner, BSc. in Food and Beverage Technology
Fabian Fritsche (not in the photo)
Trained Chef, BSc. in Food and Beverage Technology


Our sales team are skilled, dedicated and passionate about brewbee. If you have questions or requests relating to our brewbee range, our sales team is on hand and happy to help.

Ralph Streule

Food is what gets Ralph’s heart racing. A trained chef himself,
Ralph took various training courses before moving into purchasing and ultimately ending up in food sales – a career that suits him perfectly. With a wealth of valuable expertise behind him, Ralph has hit the ground running at brewbee. Besides his family and friends, music is an important part of his life in both an active and passive capacity. As a lover of good food, Ralph has found his dream employer in brewbee.

“I love our sustainable brewbee products on two levels – they allow me to do my bit to look after our planet and they taste delicious too.”

Ralph Streule
Sales Manager Food

Heidi Rechsteiner

For Heidi, starting at Brauerei Locher meant a change in careers. And now you can often find her out and about impressing customers with CréaCeto beer balsamic vinegar. Interacting with customers is what she does best, after all. She spent many years working at the University of St. Gallen in one of her previous roles. Born and raised in Appenzell, she has a deeply engrained love of nature that often takes her up into the mountains. Heidi also thoroughly enjoys getting creative in the kitchen.

“Avoiding food waste makes me happy. What could be more rewarding than using by-products to make delicious delicacies?”

Heidi Rechsteiner
Sales Consultant Food

Michael Schürpf

Born and raised in Appenzell, Michael is a part-time student with big ambitions. And what really drives him is his healthy curiosity. He loves discovering new things and coming up with creative solutions. Sport is right at the top of his list of hobbies. Climbing and running are his thing. And so are numbers… Yes, you read that right! Michael is known for his number-crunching here at brewbee and beyond.

“If we want to live in a truly sustainable world, we need to make the shift from a linear economy to a circular economy. As an innovative food upcycling brand, brewbee is leading the way on this.”

Michael Schürpf



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  • Where did the name brewbee come from?

    brewbee combines the words “brew” and “bee”. brewbee is a new food-upcycling start-up at Brauerei Locher in Appenzell, which was founded to cleverly reduce the amount of food waste from the brewing process. We buzz around like busy worker bees, working hard to keep on creating new sustainable products. And that’s why we ended up with the name brewbee.

  • What exactly is upcycling?

    Upcycling isn’t quite the same as recycling. The idea is to upgrade something to add new value. Exploiting unused by-products reduces the demand for newly produced raw materials, which allows us to save on our precious resources.

  • What makes brewbee products sustainable?

    brewbee rescues valuable by-products from the brewery and transforms them into delicious food for you. We are passionate about ensuring that all the tonnes of unused by-products – and all the important nutrients and fibre inside them – are not simply wasted. Instead, we make sure that they are fed back into the natural cycle as delicious food we can all enjoy. This is why we created brewbee in the first place.

  • Are brewbee products good for you too?

    All our brewbee products contain valuable brewery by-products, including aromatic spent grain, vibrant brewer’s yeast, low-alcohol beer and intense beer wort. Packed with plant-based proteins, minerals and fibre, they are a smart and nutritious choice.

  • Do brewbee products make you drunk?

    brewbee products leave you feeling full and happy but definitely not drunk. There’s not a trace of alcohol in any of our products because it doesn’t develop until much later on in the beer brewing process.

  • What’s the difference between a traditional pizza and a brewbee Pizza?

    The secret to our brewbee Pizza is in the base. It’s packed with valuable brewery by-products like brewer's yeast and spent grain alongside the flour you’d expect. Natural and sustainable all the way. You certainly won’t find any artificial additives in any of our brewbee Pizzas.

  • Are all brewbee ingredients sourced from Switzerland?

    brewbee products are developed and made at our start-up in Appenzell. All our ingredients come from local Swiss suppliers, which allows us to keep transportation to the absolute minimum.

  • Why is the proportion of valuable by-products not higher?

    We are careful about the proportion of by-products we use in all our brewbee products. In other words, we don’t favour sustainability over taste to the extent that our products are so full of by-products that they taste awful. Creating products that people don’t enjoy eating isn’t going to do the environment any good at all. That’s why we’re careful to get the balance between flavour and sustainability spot on for all our products. The more brewbee products we invent, the more unused by-products we can rescue and put to good use. And we promise you that we have plenty more plans and ideas up our sleeves.

  • Is brewbee packaging recyclable?

    We never stop striving to be better. As part of this ongoing mission, we’re gradually making the packaging for our products more environmentally friendly and strengthening our sustainability strategy wherever we can. Having said that, food safety is our top priority, with all our customers in mind. The packaging we’re using at the moment is aligned with this priority, providing us with the best-possible way of protecting brewbee products, preserving their flavours and getting them to you in perfect condition.

  • What action is brewbee taking to combat climate change?

    It goes without saying that we’re constantly striving to reduce our carbon footprint.

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